Digital Business Card for all your services!

Digital business card is a Smart & Touch Free visiting card which lets you share your all information with anyone in this Digital World in just a single click.

Say “Hi” to Cost Effective and Eco Friendly Business Card. 

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    Welcome To MY-VCARD

    The Modern Replacement To Paper Business Cards.

    My-Vcard gives you everything you need to create stunning digital business cards and quickly build-up connection with people.

    In such times of pandemic, we all have be safe,and let’s pledge to protect our environment. Let’s be paperless. Let’s stop transmitting the virus. Let’s start using virtual business cards. Let’s start making a difference in our society.

    Astonishing Features

    Eco Friendly
    Touchless Card
    Cost Effective
    Custom Branding
    One Click Share
    Call & WhatsApp Button
    8 Stunning Design
    Use Like App

    Stunning Designs

    More Options
    More Possibilities

    Launch Month Offers till August 15th



    Existing clients will give you more business then new clients. Let your existing clients know all your services and information just by sending one link. Get all the features for a year at just 499.



    Marketing is all about knowing everyone your services. My-Vcard will helps you to get everyone know about all your services and details.Get your your digital card at just Rs. 1499 for a lifetime.



    You are already running a successful business model but wanted to reach more and more people right? This plan will help you to connect the Digital business card with your existing domain. 


    A Digital Experience Company Fueled On Talent, Artistic Flair, and Unconventional Ideas.

    Who we are

    We are a team of enthusiastic people who are working on different business to enhance people's life. Saturn Innovations Pvt. Ltd. is working in more then 7 different areas to make everyone's life more easy and happier in every aspects.

    How we work

    We understand that every client is unique and we tailor our approach to meet each product vision. We risk everything we have got to surpass the expectation of our clients and deliver what no one in this Industry would take the challenge.